Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sac B Catering Services

One of the things that I love and will always love to do is organizing an event. Be it a simple family gathering to super fun kiddie parties to an elegant debut or wedding, paid or not gusto kong makialam sa mga ganyan lalo na if people close to my heart ang magce-celebrate. I love challenges and I find planning and organizing a special event very challenging. I am always looking forward to see the reaction of my clients/friends with regards to how I deliver our services during the event. Hindi naman sa pagbubuhat ng sariling bangko ha, pero I always make sure to meet or exceed my client's expectations. Hindi pwede sa akin yung 'pwede na' or puchu-puchung trabaho. Kung anong klaseng party ang gusto ko for myself or for my kid, ganon din yung klase ng services na binibigay ko sa mga clients ko. That makes The 7th of October Party different from others. I work professionally pero yung pagiging 'mommy' ko hindi nawawala. Naks! Nag-promote lang pala. Hahaha! :P But it's true! Promise!

Anyway, iwan muna natin saglit ang pagiging wife and mom ko for this blog entry. This is the 'event organizer' typing now. :-)

I always tell my clients to give enough budget for food in their events. Hindi dahil sa matakaw ako ha. Believe me, people will remember the party with the kind of food you've served them. Tadtarin mo man ng mga balloons or flowers yang venue mo, pagkagastusan mo ng bonggang-bongga ang styling, if hindi masarap ang food mo, wala din. Magpakatotoo na tayo, people attend events not just to make the celebrant feel more special through their presence/presents. They also come to EAT! Totoo yan. Umamin kayo! :P So if there's one thing na hindi dapat tipirin ever in every occassion that's food. Kailangan masarapan sila. Kailangan busog silang uuwi from the party. Pakonswelo na rin natin yan especially sa mga guests na malayo pa ang pinanggalingan just to witness our special day, di ba?

Now the challenge of finding an AFFORDABLE and RELIABLE catering service (if you don't want to cook) that won't suffer the QUALITY of food comes next. And that's what this blog entry is all about. I want to share with you one of my favorite suppliers, my all-time favorite caterer that I've been working with for a few years now. That's Sac B Catering Service!

Sac B. Catering Service makes every effort to provide their clients the best catering service experience. Clients can expect impressive and elegant settings, sumptuous cuisine and cordial professional wait staff. Our packages are designed to be reasonable, worry-free and affordable.
Sac B. Cafeteria is a registered single proprietorship business located along Manila East Rd. Taytay, Rizal it started its operations as a Cafeteria in January 2009, then after 3 months it was awarded as a concessionaire in Taytay Municipal Hall where they have served for one year. 
In 2009 it is one of the business establishments that were badly hit by Ondoy, yet this uneventful circumstance paved the way on establishing a solid catering service and on March 2010, Sac B started its operations as an off-premise catering service provider.
Registered to Ms. Sophia Agatha Claravall-Bungay, it is from her initials where Sac B got its name, it is a husband and wife team that has grown fruitfully in a span of 3 years. With its humble beginnings and perseverance, Sac B can smoothly handle an event of 30 to 1,600 heads or serving 4 events in a day. 
Sac B’s goal is providing beautiful and tasteful events for every Filipino. No matter what social standings they may belong we are consistent with quality in food, settings and service. Our goal is to give our clients and their guests a cherished experience on their occasion and parting good will of our unwavering support for the success of their event.

These are the few of my favorite Sac B dishes!

Texan Barbeque

Eggplant Parmigiana

Baked Ziti

Roast Beef with Cream of Mushroom

Check out Sac B's wedding setups.

Oh, God! I wish M would ask me to marry him again on our 10th year wedding anniversary!

Alam niyo ba na ang bibo ko magsama ng mga clients during their grand food tasting (which happens once a month by the way) kasi pati ako kumakain? Yes, hindi ako tumitikim. Literal na kumakain ako! Hahaha! Actually pati si M kasama ko. He's always looking forward to Sac B's grand food tasting! Nagke-crave kasi talaga kami sa mga menu ni Sophie! Tuwing may event ako M would ask: Sino caterer mo dun? And kapag sinabi ko it's Sophie, magrerequest yan na sasama siya sa food tasting. Ang PG lang noh? Well you can't blame us. Try Sac B and 'taste' it for yourself! :D

Address: Unit 1, 2nd Floor Fortunil Bldg. Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal
Phone: 02-958-92-60 / 02-806-05-13 / 0917-800-39-05

Monday, February 29, 2016

Family Fun Day at Child Jesus of Prague School

I've told you about a million times already that collecting happy memories with Y is and will always be our top priority especially at this stage where what we do as a family will surely gonna have a huge influence on her character as she grows up. Ayokong lumaki siyang nahahanap ang kasiyahan through material things. I want her to know that the most wonderful things in life are actually free and one way to show her that is for us to spend quality time with her. This is why I am now convinced that we have made the right decision of sending Y to Child Jesus of Prague School. CJPS helps us nurture the bond that we have as a family. They make sure na involve ang mga magulang sa pagpapalaki sa mga bata. Remember the Daddy and Mommy Week where M and I participated to? It was definitely one of the most wonderful experiences we've ever had!

Another school activity that Y will surely remember forever is the CJPS Family Fun Day. The event happened last February 27 at CJPS Preschool and Elementary Campus. Hiyang-hiya talaga kami dahil obvious na hindi kami prepared.

Hahaha! :D :D :D 

Y was not in the good mood in the above photo. She didn't want to pose for a picture because she wanted to participate na in the activities.

Y's shirt has her name din under the character. Hindi lang nakita sa picture. *kamot ulo*

Nice our shirts noh? I bought these Blue Corner shirts in Binangonan Public Market for P100 to P120 each only and had them printed at DNJ Sportswear. If you're from Binangonan and you want to customize your shirts, you can visit  DNJ Sportswear in Batingan. Just look for Arden Arabit. :-) The cute family characters were courtesy of Google. I asked Arden to do a bit of editing. Super thanks, Denok!

Anyway we arrived at the school a little past 7. We were handed a task card upon registration.

They gave us 14 tasks to finish in 2 hours.

Here's the Handprint Art task.

And our finished product. :-)

Y didn't like the Handprint Task that much. She's super duper clean sa katawan and damit niya na minsan hindi na rin masyadong nakakatuwa. Lol.

Here's a photo of Team Mesa after the Rope Obstacle Course. We were given a spoon with a golf ball on it. Kailangan namin makatawid sa mga ropes without letting the golf ball fall. 

M and Y playing Kadang-Kadang, one of the traditional games in our country.

This was Y doing the Minefield. I was giving her instructions on where to walk para maiwasan niya those colorful thingies on the ground. Nandaya si Y diyan! She kept on making silip to make sure na wala siyang maaapakan. Hahaha! 

This photo was from the Fishing Game where it took M several minutes to finish. Tagaktak na pawis hindi pa makahuli ng isda! :D

The Blindfold Maze. Y was giving us instructions on how to get the ball in the middle hole!

Other tasks were Bull's Eye...

Tangrams where we were asked to choose an animal to make using 7 pieces of cut-out shapes.

The Tie Dye Shirt Making.

And a lot more!

We were so tired that we took a quick break after doing 11 tasks. We claimed our snacks which by the way were very tasty (especially the french fries and fish fillet), ate for about a couple of minutes and off we go to finish the remaining 4 tasks.

We were able to finish all tasks 15 minutes early.

One of the special parts of this event was the distribution of the cards made by the kids for their parents.

And the other was the not-so-surprise song number from the kids as well. Sabi ko nga in my previous blog post that Y is so madaldal kaya nakwento na niya sa amin ni M na kakanta sila sa Family Fun Day so I helped her practice na din the song I Will by The Beatles at home. Pero ganun pala yun! Kahit I already knew it naluha pa din talaga ako when Y stood in front of us and sang their song!

Oh, Yzia! You're making mommy cry again at this moment! Huhuhu...

I love you so much, anak!!!

Thank you Child Jesus of Prague School for this memorable event! :-)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Y Speaks Again :D

Tomorrow will be the much awaited Family Fun Day in CJPS Preschool Department. Much awaited dahil first time ng Team Mesa yan kaya the moment I've read the event details from their February newsletter tinext ko agad si M so he can make himself free tomorrow. At syempre excited na kami ng lolo niyo to attend dahil mukhang may sorpresang hinanda ang mga bagets for the parents na of course ay nalaman namin dahil madaldal itong si Y. Hahaha! :D

Speaking of madaldal I know you missed Y SPEAKS so let me share with you the witty conversations I had with the little girl lately. 

Several weeks ago...

Ako: Kelangan lagi ka magtu-toothbrush para hindi maging black yung ipin mo. Gusto mo ba maging black yung ipin mo?
Y: Ayaw po! Gusto ko white lang!

Last week umuwi si Y na naubos lahat ng grapes na pinabaon ko...

Ako: Wow, anak! Very good ka ah. Naubos mo lahat ng grapes kahit madami yung nilagay ko.
Y: Nag-share po ako sa classmate ko, mommy.
Ako: Sinong classmate?

Cavity!!! :D :D :D

One night while Y was playing the tablet...

Y: Mom! I want to ride in a spaceship!
Ako: No, anak. You can't ride in a spaceship because you are still a kid. You need to become an astronaut first so you can ride the spaceship.
Y: Oh my goodness! Okay. Let's go to SM and buy some pajamas and a cover for the head. And then we can ride the spaceship!

She was referring to the austronaut's suit and the helmet-like kemerlu they're wearing. :D

Y: Mom! I'm not a baby anymore. Malaki na po ako.
Ako: Talaga? Oh sige simula ngayon ikaw na maghugas ng puwit-puwitan mo kapag nag-uu ka ha. Big girl ka na pala eh.
Y: Nooooooo! Ayoko, mommy!!! Ang baho nun eh. Eewww!
Ako: Eh paano kapag malaking-malaki ka na? Sino maghuhugas ng puwit-puwitan mo?
Y: Kayo pa rin ni daddy!!!

Nyay! :D

One day Y arrived from school crying...

Ako: Oh! Bakit po nagkacry ang anak?
Y: Eh kasi sabi ni teacher: Elijah, is Maura (that's Y real name) living thing or non-living thing? Tapos sabi ni Elijah non-living thing daw po ako! WAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Ayoko non-living thing ako, mommy! HINDI PO AKO NON-LIVING THING!!! LIVING THING PO AKO!!! WAAAAHHHHHH!!! 

It was just an honest mistake, anak. :D :D :D

One late night when I was craving for a McFlurry...

Ako: *whispering in a super duper mahina na voice* Yzia, tell mo kay daddy ibili ka ng ice cream sa McDo. Bilis! (Mas malakas kasi ang bagets kay M kesa sa'kin, kaya balak ko sasabit na lang ako.)
Y: Daaaaaaadddd!!! Let's buy some ice cream in the McDo!!!
M: *galit* Hindi na ha. Gabi-gabi na lang nagyayaya ka sa McDo. Hindi na pwede!
Y: Si mommy naman may gusto eh! *Sabay simangot*

Ayun. Tiningnan ako ng masama ni M. :D

Y is having a hard time pronouncing certain letters like L so one time I told her to practice saying a word with the said letter...

Ako: Say yellow!
Y: Yeyyow!
Ako: No. Yel-low!
Y: Yey-yow! 
Ako: No, anak. Ulitin natin... Ye...
Y: Ayoko na nga po ng yeyyow! RED na lang!!!

Hahahaha! :))

Good night, muthers! :*

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hinay-hinay sa paglaki, 'nak!

It's been a while since I blog about Y pala noh? I'm sure na-miss niyo ang bagets. :-)

That's Y when I started blogging 4 years ago. So siksik! So cute!

She looks like this now:

Whew! Kay gandang bata! Manang-mana sa pinagmanahan. Ehem...


As in really really really fast. 

Yang batang yan? Marunong na yan mag-add and subtract at nakakabasa na din siya! Gawd! I still can't believe that three and four years olds are that smart nowadays. I was 7 when I've learned how to add and subtract. I was 8 when I've taught how to divide and multiply and unfortunately hirap na hirap pa rin ako diyan until now. Hindi ko pa nga kabisado ang multiplication table eh! And then here comes Y na mukhang mani lang sa kanya ang Math. Praise God hindi nagmana sa akin pagdating diyan! Hahaha! :D

Sa totoo lang mixed emotions akey sa mabilis na paglaki na ito ng bagets. Part of me is sad dahil alam kong magdadalaga na ito soon. In just a few years maaaring kasama na sa grocery list namin ang napkin niya. OMG. Ayoko pa! Hindi pa talaga ako ready sa ganyang eksena but I can't help to think about it dahil alam ko naman na dadating at dadating yan. Haayy...

Alright. Enough with the drama, let me tell you naman the happy part.

Masaya ako to see na malaki ang nagbabago sa anak ko as she grows up. She's quite independent now. Hindi na katulad dati na hindi ako makaluto kahit pancit canton man lang dahil clingy siya masyado. Ngayon naiiwan ko na siya sa isang tabi whenever I need to do some household chores. Nakakaligo na ako with complete rituals (mga pinapahid na anik-anik) na hindi nagmamadali as long as nakalock ang main door (para daw hindi siya makuha ng stranger). Mas madali na din siyang kausapin at pagsabihan ngayon. Madali na rin niyang naiintindihan ang mga bagay-bagay at napapalinawagan ko na about budgeting. Whenever she wants to buy a toy and I tell her na we don't have extra money for that, naiintindihan na niya. She now knows that we can't just buy her things anytime she wants because we're also paying for the house rent, electricity, water and food. Sa awa ng Diyos naiintindihan naman niya. I make promises though na kapag nagka-extra money we will buy her a toy lalo na if lagi siyang nag-aaral na mabuti and of course kapag good girl siya. I always see to it din na tutuparin ko yung mga promises ko kahit na abutin ito ng 48 years. May mga oras nga lang na naiinip siya kaya sinasabi niya: Hayyy... Ang tagal naman magka-extra money ni Daddy Morris! Hehehe! :D 

She also understands now that she needs to go to school everyday. Alam na niya na sa ayaw at sa gusto niya ay gigising siya ng maaga para pumasok sa eskwela. Hindi pwede yung hindi papasok dahil inaantok pa siya. The only time I allow her to skip classes is when she's sick (be it simple colds or cough, hindi ko na siya pinapapasok) or if there's an important family gathering that we can't afford to miss pero definitely not dahil tinatamad o inaantok pa siya. That's a big NO. Ayoko masanay siya sa ganun at baka kalakihan pa. Mahirap na. I'm happy because no more dramarama na kami every morning. Always aligaga nga lang dahil napakabagal kumilos ng bagets. :-)

I can also make utos na to her na hindi ako magbe-beastmode. Thank you, God!!! Before her dad arrives from the office tinutulungan na niya ako to make ligpit all the stuff na kinalat niya sa buong bahay. She also helps setting the table. M was actually the one who taught her that. Good job, babe!

Y also loves to dress herself up. May sarili siyang fashion statement. Hindi ko na siya basta mapasunod sa mga gusto kong isuot niya. She doesn't like wearing shorts, jeans, tshirts, sando and rubber shoes. Pinipilit ko lang talaga. While other moms allow their kids to wear whatever they want, ako hindi. Nakikipagtalo pa ako and nakikipagdeal minsan. Hahaha! Yaan niyo na ako, muthers! Y is my living Barbie doll and besides kapag nagdalaga na yan lalo na yan poporma ng sarili niya. #Huhubels Anyway, Y prefers to wear skirts, kikay blouses, dresses and flat shoes. She likes anything sparkly. She also likes to wear colorful and cute hair accessories. She also has a thing for slippers. As in ang hilig-hilig niya sa slippers! I also noticed that she's not into stuff toys that much. Mas bet niya mga miniature toys. The smaller the better. She's into Disney Princesses na din and poging-pogi siya kay Prince Eric. Kaloka!

She also loves to play with my make-up. She now knows what eyeshadow, lipstick, face powder and mascara are. Just so you know hindi po niya sa akin natutunan yan. Blame YouTube for making my kikay daughter more kikay! Hahaha! She's been watching Disney Princesses Make Up Tutorial on YouTube these past days kasi. We do play with my make-ups once in a while naman pero alam na niya that I am not going to allow her to wear any kapag lalabas kami unless kailangan talaga like aabay siya but pinapayagan ko naman siya to use lip balm anytime she wants.

Though malaki na ang pinagbago ni Y, natutuwa naman ako na yung pagiging sweet niya mula noong baby pa siya eh dala-dala pa rin niya hanggang ngayon. She's a sucker for hugs and kisses. She knows that those are acts of true love. And nah, I assure you she didn't learn it from the happily-ever-after stories that she loves watching. Sa amin niya natutunan yan. Sigurado ako diyan 101%. M and I are very affectionate and we are not afraid to show and tell her how much we love her since Day 1. Yan ang secret diyan why our daughter is growing up sweet and affectionate to us. Nasa tyan ko pa lang siya kinakausap at nag-a i love you na kami sa kanya. Hindi rin lumilipas ang araw na hindi namin sinasabi at pinaparamdam sa kanya how much we love her. Last night nga natuwa ako kasi Y invited some kids from the neighborhood to play. I heard her say to one of the kids: Alam mo mahal na mahal ako ng daddy saka mommy ko. It melted my heart big time!

It's funny lang that Y gets really mad whenever she sees M and me hugging, kissing or having harutan moments. Ayaw na ayaw niya niyan. During bed time, Y would wake up in the middle of the night kapag hindi ako nakayakap sa kanya. And when she sees na kay M ako nakayap (I sleep between them because Y doesn't like to sleep beside M, heavy daw kasi daddy niya) magigising na lang ako sa mga hikbi niya. Believe me, it happened a lot of times already. A sobbing little girl beside me making drama in the middle of the night: Iniwan mo po ako, mommy. Hindi mo na ako love. Hindi ka nag-love sa akin. Huhuhu...

Lakas kaming konsensyahin na sad siya dahil mag-isa lang daw siya at walang kapatid (she wants to have a baby brother) pero magkadikit lang kami ni M eh akala mo inapi na siya. Hahaha! Hirap tuloy kaming sumimple ng loving-loving ni M! Asan ang hustisya?! Lol

M and I are literally going crazy over Y. As in!

Don't mind her leg chismis, muthers. I am working on that! Hahaha! :D

Hinay-hinay sa paglaki, 'nak.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Sweet Life Cafe

How was your Valentine? Ours was simple yet VERY special.

How very is very?


We attended the 7:30pm to 8:30pm mass with Y kasi last night and before the mass ended the priest called all the married couples para i-bless. So gorabelles agad kami ni M sa unahan. When all the married couples got in the altar, biglang may pasabog pala si father. RENEWAL OF VOWS pala itey. :D

Everybody was so happy and kilig lalo na when the priest told all the married couples to kiss tapos sabay patugtog ng Love Is All That Matters. Hahaha! Teenagers lang ang peg namin kahit most married couples na andun were older than us. Some were lolo and lola na pero they were so sweet pa to each other ha.

It was the best Valentine's Day ever! Na-surprise kami ni father ng todo eh. I feel really blessed that time. Sobrang happy na na-feel ko how much God loves M and me by protecting our marriage. Iba talaga kapag ang pagsasama ay may blessing ni God noh? :-)

M was the happiest dahil nakatipid daw siya. We've been talking about renewing our vows few years from now pero dahil nakapag-renew na kami last night, sa 25th na lang daw ulit. Kaloka! Ang tagal! :D

I wish we were able to capture that priceless moment in the church.

After the mass we went straight to Papa Eric and Mama Myra's place for dinner. After that I told M I wanted to try this cafe I saw in Angono. I was craving for something sweet kasi that time.

*Photos grabbed from their IG and FB*

I've been seeing The Sweet Life cafe for a few months now but it was just last night when I finally got the chance to try it out. Sinadya ko talaga magyaya na Araw ng mga Puso para hindi makakontra ang Mauricio and our few minutes stay there actually made our Valentine extra special. :-)

Y got herself a cupcake priced at P50. I forgot nga lang what flavor it was. :P

M tried their hot Mocha Latte. According to him reasonable daw yung price na P80 for that.

I ordered Double Dutch Frappe for P130. Aprubado! Bet na bet ko! The little girl wasn't able to finish her cupcake when she saw it. Inagawan ako. 

And of course... their specialty Gourmet Turon.

It's not a typical turon ha. Turon siya with a twist! Hahaha! I tried the Rocky Road flavor and it was super duper yummy. Definitely the best turon I've ever tasted so far! M and Y loved it too! :-) 

Other Gourmet Turrone flavors are Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, Bacon Maple and a lot more!

We will definitely visit them again to try their pasta.

And burgers...

Grilled BBQ Porkchop with Soy Garlic Pesto Sauce...


And of course... cakes too!!!

OMG. Gusto kong bumalik asap!!!

The Sweet Life
2B Skye One Building Manila East Rd. Angono Rizal
IG: @thesweetlifecafe
FB: The Sweet Life